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December 20th, 2015Mobile

We check out our phones approximately 150 times a day according to the recent study.
No notifications, but we still check our phone or browse through what we've gone though about an hour ago.
Doctors tell us that we shouldn't look at our phones before the bed for our sleep quality, but we still look at it anyway.
We look at our phones all the time.

This week, I wanted to design something simple that minimises the whole time spending on our phones.
The idea is simple, users sign in their accounts, and the app collects highlights from the accounts each week based on trends, interests, likes, comments, etc.
Of course, the most of social networks out there would favour this kind of app, but it's not wrong to imagine stuff, right? ;)

If your Christmas holiday just started, I hope you have an excellent break.
And, I wish you all Merry Christmas.

It collects all the stuff. You ease your addiction.

The app collects highlights for that week, and curates them by what's been trend, popular, mentioned, commented, etc.


Connect to selective network to collect highlights from the accounts. This would be also covered through an onboarding experience.

Highlights ready

Once all the highlights for that week collected, users able to view them by end of week. Anything unread will be kept within this timeline.

Viewing highlights

No need to tap around. Scrolling is everything to view all the highlights.

Essentials still there

Basic but essentials are still provided. Like icon also changes based on the network.

Started rough

Instead of doing some detailed sketch for screens, I started from a bit of ontology to get my thoughts straight this time.

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