Evernote Quick Retouch

December 13th, 2015Desktop

It's been hectic over here this week, so I had to rush a bit.
I've had a few minor ideas for Evernote sitting on my journal, and I thought I could roll those out here for this weekly project.

I didn't change the original interface of Evernote as too much change can sometimes cause a steep learning curve for existing users. Instead, I retouched a few things to brighten the core features a little more.

Home Screen

Moodboard Mode

Arranging images is not an easy thing to do on Evernote. The moodboard mode automatically arrange images so it's a little more pleasant to look at in an easiest way.

Moodboard to help sorting Post-its

Split view

Inspired by the split view on tablet devices. Like the current version, the formatting tool appears of course.

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