December 27th, 2015Special Occasion

Sixty weeks...
It has been a long journey.

Project Weekly has been a great challenge. Trying to push myself to craft something every week was uneasy but fun to get my ideas up quick and see the whole project growing gradually.

Although, dragging myself out of each project to work on something else for another week wasn't fun.

A week was limiting. I've always wanted to go much further, show more than flat designs, add more details, build it interactive, experiment to discover, research or study more.

And now, I'm concluding Project Weekly, and taking a next step simply to do more, to go further than I could do within Project Weekly.

It's so sudden, but this is something that I’ve been thinking about for sometime.
This isn't a goodbye. I will be still working on personal projects constantly. I will keep you posted.

See you all soon.
And Happy New Year.

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