Focus timer app for your productivity eye health


Pomy is a desktop widget-style app
designed to prevent eye strain
by reminding you how long to focus on-screen and when to take a break.

Inspired by the 20-20-20 rule by optometrists.
Working on-screen for 20 minutes,
Look away at something that 20ft (6m) away for 20 seconds.

Focus for 20 mins

20 mins, just a right amount of time
to concentrate on your work.

Quick break for 20 secs

Take a quick break for 20 seconds
by looking at distant objects.

Oh, by the way…

It also blacks out the screen
to encourage that you give your eyes a little break.

(Whispering) If you can’t afford to break for 20 secs, you can press ESC to exit.

Automatic Resume / Stop

Pomy is smart to stop and resume itself
when you computer goes asleep or back on.

When hovered


Keep Pomy above all the windows,
so you are conscious of your focus time.

Theme settings

Board of the classic Pomodoro colours?
Pimp your Pomy anyway you like.

Reset focus counts

Reset focus counts anytime.
Reset Daily? Monthly? Never? Up to you.

Customise your own

Themes. Mmm...

It comes with 5 tasteful colours.
You can also go creative and customise colours in your own way.

Please don't completely rely on Pomy as it won't completely prevent eye strain.
Looking at screens for a long period of time is already bad itself.

If you hit 2-3+ cycles of the focus timer, shutdown the computer and go for a proper break, treat yourself! ☀️

Privacy Policy

Pomy was ‘Summer’
as a part of Project Four Seasons (more to reveal soon)

Made with ❤️ in Sydney

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