Local Live Music Finder

November 15th, 2015Web

There are a number of music event websites or applications available out there. But the experience on those platforms can be clunky when it comes to finding local live music that also includes amateur artists too.

So, this week, I designed a micro site that primarily use a map to present all the live concerts or gigs in locals. Users can simply browse local live music in the bird's-eye view format, and artists can also advertise their concerts on the map effortlessly.

What & Where

Select genres for live music that you are looking for.

Then, able to set location for search.

Local live music in a bird's-eye view

Once the prior search terms entered, all the concerts or gigs in the area pops up.
Users are also able to mouse over each pin to peek its artist's single that is a part of their concert. (Watch the clip below for demonstration)

Concert Detail

See the concert detail once clicked the pin. Also the preview track still plays on to continue the peek experience as demonstrated on the video above.

Venue with multiple concerts

If a certain venue contains multiple concerts within the search terms, their details will be shown like this.

Venue with multiple concerts

Artist can easily submit and advertise their concert to others.

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