TV on Apple TV

November 8th, 2015Television

I haven't physically tried the new Apple TV yet, but it seems that Apple TV now has some greater potential competing with other media players such as Roku, Google Nexus Player, etc. In addition, the new Apple TV remote seemed a fascinating input device for TV as well.

This week, I designed a quick TV experience as well as interface for the new Apple TV. Of course, there's pretty much no chance that Apple TV will actually integrate native broadcast channels. But still, why not? It's called Apple 'TV', it should have channels people normally watch on their TV too I thought.

So here it is. The first project of the chapter two.

Demo Footage

On Air Now

Basic information of what's showing when launched.

Missed? Can't wait?

Able to browse previous or next episodes.

Watch other episodes if available on media such as SBS OnDemand, iTunes store, etc.

TV Guide = time machine

Travel through the TV guide to watch what was on before, or view what's on in next hours. Go forward and watch trailer of upcoming movies. Travel to past to watch missed shows immediately.

Future gives a sneak peek

Swipe to an upcoming movie loads its trailer (if no free high-quality media available).

If tapped or no touch event captured, the guide hides and focuses on the clip.

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