Mouse Free, Minimalistic Writer App

November 22nd, 2015DesktopSurface Pro 4 Front Side Shot PSD

It's a desktop application just for writers.

When you launch the app, you can start writing immediately with no clicks. You never need to leave your keyboard whatever you need to do. These were my starting point of this application design.
The concept revolves around the thee directions, simplified writing experience, minimalistic interface and ability to control with keyboard only.

P.S. You will see a photo of my sketch in Surface Pro 4 in the end of this article. I've shared the mockup shot in a hi-res PSD format, so please feel free to download and use it for your work.

Easy Start

Press arrow keys on keyboard to vertically navigate the documents previously created, or press Enter to create a new document immediately.
Once the new document starts in this video, you will also notice that users can select a default styling for a new line or paragraph.

New Paragraph & Default Styling

Briefly shown in the video above, users can select a default styling between paragraph / normal, heading 1, heading 2 and italic for their new paragraph. Simply press Tab key to toggle the selection then Enter to commit.

Select Text = Extra Styling

When selected text (with Shift + Arrow on keyboard), the app reveals the quick styling box on top of the selected text. Just like the default styling interface, users can press Tab to toggle styles, and Enter to commit.

Hidden Nav for Extra bits

The hidden nav pops out on the bottom when press and hold Ctrl, then users can press numeric keys to select options. Users can glance character and word counts too.

Night Mode

The default value for the day-and-night mode is 'Auto', which switches the mode based on dark or bright environment.

Quick sketch

This is a sketch I've done earlier this week for the project. The sketch is done on Bamboo Paper. (I've recently bought a Surface Pro 4 to replace my iPad... Yes, I just had to show this new baby.)

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