End of Chapter 1

November 1st, 2015Special Occasion

Just woke up from a lazy Sunday nap...
Some of my braincells might be still asleep, so I hope I write a good wrap-up here.

Again, I can't believe that Project Weekly is now one year old. (To be precise, it will be right after tonight.)
I believe the first year was a little bumpy and rustic somewhat, but I've surely learnt so much.

So many things happened in the journey as well. I received a number of unexpected compliments from others. Suggestions or further ideas on the existing weekly projects. Noticed some taking the weekly projects and using for their creativity too, and I absolutely feel honoured for such a gesture. Then lastly, I had this great opportunity to teach User Experience Design at General Assembly. I'm not too sure that I will be teaching again anytime soon since I will be having a new family member to look after from next year, (*wink *wink), also need to spend more time with my wife.

For the next chapter of Project Weekly, there will be no change to its original rule. Just a new project in any genre released every week. Presumably there won't be any big website redesign until the end of the chapter two. Therefore I promise that only a few weeks will be taken for any redesign work in the next chapter.
I can't give away what upcoming weekly projects will be, but all I can say now is that I've got tons to show you. The chapter one was just a start, warm-up. Oh, yes...

I've been asked a few times which ones are my favourite so far. To be frank, it's hard for me to pick favourites out of all my babies.
But I tried. ;) Here are my quick ten picks.

When I started Project Weekly, I never expected any words from others, nor others to see my work.
I started this project simply because I deeply love what I do. I wanted to challenge myself everyday and go beyond what I can be.
Nonetheless, I received so many voices from others, and I feel speechlessly grateful.

I look forward to the next chapter. See you all next week, fresh and sharp.

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