Huffpost Tablet App - Part 4, Prototype

August 23rd, 2015TabletDownload Pixate File

So, this is the last round of this series, 'Huffpost Tablet App'.

To be frank, I managed to have only a few hours to develop the prototype this week. I wish I had a few more hours to add some extras on the functional prototype and produce animation prototypes too. (Yes, juggling between a full-time and part-time job is not an easy thing...) I will revisit this project again in the future to show more.

The prototype below is made on Pixate. If you haven't heard it before or haven't tried yet, give it a go. It's recently purchased by Google (or Alphabet), and it's free for all now. I've been using Pixate quite awhile now, especially for mobile device prototype development. I have to say it is absolutely awesome. If you have Pixate installed on your machine and would like to see the source file or try, the link is provided for download.

Thanks as always, and I will see you all with a whole new series starting next week!

Prototype Footage

BGM - 'Take the "A" Train' by Duke Ellington

P.S. It was really hard to hold the camera still. I did some image stabilisation work on AE, but it's still shaky.. I will get a tripod for next time.

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