'Soleh' Android Launcher - Part 1, Sketch

August 30th, 2015Mobile

Back to sketching, and welcome to the second series-project.

I will be designing an Android Launcher for the second series. Just like the previous series, 'Huffpost Table App', I did a sketch session to kick off the series.

The cores of this launcher are,

Next week, I will be simultaneously working on wireframes and designs based on the sketches completed.
Look forward to showing you more soon. See you next week!

P.S. Not sure if I mentioned this earlier, I'm not an excellent drawer, so please glance the sketches through with no attempt to understand what I've drawn.
P.P.S. The name, 'Soleh' is just a random name for the launcher I've picked on the app, 'Nominazer'.

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