Huffpost Tablet App - Part 3, Design

August 16th, 2015Tablet

Probably some of you already knew what part three was going to be. This week, it was a design round.

Now we have one last part remaining for this series. The next part will be all about feature demonstration and prototype. Not too sure what deliverables I would be bringing, but it's only just a week ago, so stay tuned ;)

As always, take care and I will see you all again next week.

Front Page Cover Story

Just focusing on the cover story when the app launched.

Settings - Front Page

The quick setting options and navigation reveals when swiped downwards.

Article Blocks

Preserved the original layout, but kept it clean and ensured photos and headlines pop out.

Highlighted Texts & Bookmarks

Wanted to do a little more on this design, but timer ran out. Will work on this design further later on.


Clean as proposed on the wireframe in the previous week. Just tried to focus on text and image, what really matters.

Dynamic Comment Feature & Video Content

Tried to ensure that the comment feature doesn't interfere the main content but support. The video content is treated not too differently from other visual assets.

Swipe up to close & Reader queue feature

When finished reading, users can swipe up to close the article.
On the other hand, the reader queue appears on the bottom of the article, so users can continue reading through what they originally selected to read. I will be prototyping this feature with more depth next week to demonstrate how it works.

Night reader mode & Article screen settings

Pretty much what I've presented on the wireframe last week. Meanwhile, softened the contrast between text and background so it's not harsh to read texts.

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