Huffpost Tablet App - Part 2, Wireframe

August 9th, 2015Tablet

After the sketch session last week, it was all about wireframes this week.

Front Page

Nothing too crazy is happening here. Just like the original app, the first screen purely focuses on the front page news.

Article blocks

The article blocks are slightly retouched and organised in a much cleaner format.

Highlighted texts & Bookmarks

Texts that users highlighted and bookmarked will be placed on this screen. This section is accessible from the front page by swiping to left.

Reader Queue (bottom of the screen)

Users can double tap or hold and drag to add any article blook into the queue.


Retouched a bit. But didn't change too much from the original version, so users can natually adapt.

Dynamic comment feature

This idea is inspired by Medium. Users can tap the plus bubble icon to add their comment directing each paragraph.

Settings - Front Page / Sections

Accessible by pulling down the front page or section screen. Originally it was a refresh feature, however the app doesn't constatnly update and it refreshes on launch. So I thought I could tweak this a little to make the extra feature set is more reachable.

Settings - Article & Night Reading Mode

The same mechanism here as the previous screen. But the setting options are different.
Also, the night reading mode is activated on this article screen.

Sketch session last week

Yes, I had some beer when I was having a sketch session last week. Also, just wanted to remind what happened last week, for the part 1.

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