Messenger App. 'Livif'.

July 12th, 2015Mobile

I've been capturing some ideas for an instant chat or messenger app on note for some time, and I thought it could be good to mock up all those ideas this week. So, here they are. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time to mock up animations to demonstrate how those features work. However, I've planned to continue this project and complete animations next week as part two. Stay tuned.

P.S. The name of this app, 'Livif' is made up on spot. It has no meaning.


This is where all the chats are stored. The customisable friend list on the top provide quick shortcuts to chat to friends.


This is not too different from other messenger apps, which is intention to encourage users to adapt easily. One little thing is that screens get stacked like cards, and users can tap the title area to go back.

Tap & Hold 'Add' button

Users can tap, or hold and slide to what they'd like to post.

Create Invite

Able to create an event with friends and sync with a native calendar app. Event detail can be simply typed, so users don't have to leave the keyboard.

Event & Photo upload

Just a quick mockup what the event card and photo content looks like.
Yes, I love that photo.. Just love those eyebrows..

Radar mode

This app is designed for those who want to be privately connected with their close friends only. So I thought it would be nice to have a radar mode to track where friends are at, and upcoming events. This screen can be revealed by pressing the radar icon on the top left, or pinch in right on the chat screen.

Walkie-talkie / Voice message

Yes, this app has a voice message functionality too, but I didn't want to promote this feature too much right on screen. Instead, just like a walkie-talkie, users can press and hold any volume key to send their voice messages.

Voice message

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