Jazz radio meets the earth.

July 5th, 2015Television

I hope you all had an excellent first half of this year. Personally this first half was pretty busy, and I think would have a breather by the end of this year.

I was always keen to make a visualiser with the earth or space feel. I just thought music would taste ten times better if played within the space. (Yes, you are correct. Scientifically you can't hear music in the space as there is no air..) So this week, I created a simple visual radio concept, which plays music and travels around the world showing artists' origins.

Demo Footage

This is a quick mockup video of the playback animation. It's simple and subtle.
The earth spins in a slow and steady pace while music plays.

Travelling through songs the world

This is another look with a different song and country.
When song changes, it will spin and travel to its artist's origin.

The earth's general look shapes based on real-time. So there can be a daytime look like this one.


Big thanks to Tomaz Bertoncelj for this awesome 3D work. Without you, this concept couldn't be possible.

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