Domino. Scroll & See Elements Appear.

June 28th, 2015WebLaunch DemoDownload Source

Been extremely busy this week... I was barely able to grab a chance to work on a project for this week. So I pondered some time to figure what to do for this week, and then I decided to share what I already use on this website. It's the 'page-load' effect, which enables each element on a page to slide in on scroll. The version I'm sharing is an improved version. It's not the same version I'm already using on the site.

This may look like 'Infinite scrolling', but it's not. It simply captures all the assigned elements on the page, then it loads them one by one when user scrolls down. It's nothing fancy or heavy. Its mechanism is very simple.

I'm still not 100% convinced with the name, 'Domino'. But I just went with it as I couldn't find something better.

I hope I get to reserve more time to work on next week's project. Wish me luck. See you on next weekend!

Demo Clip

Try the demo, or watch this video clip if you can't view the demo.


Applying 'Domino' is pretty simple. Copy and paste what I've marked on 'demo.html', then customise the variables provided on 'domino.js' to suit your taste.

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