Google Chrome Redesign

June 21st, 2015Desktop

Not sure about others, but I always thought the current version of Google Chrome looks a little too outdated. So this week, sleeves up, I redesigned the browser. For your info, this design is purely a concept. It's just me depicting what Chrome would look.

Implemented Google's material design a bit, but intentionally didn't over do it as this is a web browser. I wanted to keep the interface flat and generic to make any site you are on becomes a hero, not the browser interface itself.

I'm thinking of taking this project further in the future by creating a few more screens and a demo video clip to show how the browser actually works and feels. Also, there were a few more features that I wanted to show.
But for now, this is it.

P.S. To be honest, I felt a little hopeless for the project last week, 'CSS Button Pack - Click State' as my wife was not too keen. Nevertheless, I unexpectedly received positive feedback on the project from quite a few. Thanks, everyone!

Chrome launched

This is what it looks like when launched. Intentionally swapped the address bar and tab area, so the browsing area looks cleaner along with tabs.

Address bar focused

The address bar activates when focused.

New tab. Upgraded.

Added some spice to 'New Tab'. It's designed to be fully customised by user's taste.
On the concept design, I've set four frequent sites, Google Trends and latest article feeds from favourite blogs. (I will revisit this weekly project in the future to show how these visually work as well.)

Colour scheme changes according to current site

The general colour scheme across the browser interface will change based on site.

More browsing area when scrolled

Similar to the mobile chrome, the window title scrolls away when started scrolling. It will reappear if started scrolled upwards.


Almost forgot. Designed the incognito mode also. Inverted the original colour scheme a bit for the incognito mode.

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