Announcement. July 2015

July 26th, 2015Special Occasion

Before I make a few announcements, I'd like to mention that I sincerely thank you all for taking an interest in my project and supporting me. Also, special thanks to my wife for supporting me instead of dragging me out of my desk.

So, the first announcement I'd like to make is that I'm starting a new role at General Assembly in Sydney as a part-time instructor for User Experience Design. It's starting tomorrow, Monday 27th of July. Yes, tomorrow. I do have to admit that I feel a little nervous and somewhat excited at the same time. Fingers crossed. If you happen to be my student taking the course reading this, I will see you soon. I look forward to meeting you all and sharing this journey together.

Secondly. During the instruction period, next twelve weeks at GA, I will likely have less availability working on weekly projects. However, this does not mean that I'm discontinuing the whole project. Project Weekly will be continuing as it has always been. But there will be some moderation applied to next upcoming projects.
For next twelve weeks, there will be total three series-type projects. Each series will conduct four conjunctive weekly projects. For example, I will be showing processes of sketch, wireframe, design, and prototype or build through four weekly projects, which then will be a complete series.

After the series projects, I will be taking a holiday for a few weeks, which is my third announcement. During the holiday, I will be remotely uploading a travel journal. I promise it won't be a collection of tourist-like photos.
Once the holiday is over, Project Weekly will be back in the original pattern posting work weekly in random categories with no moderation rule applied.

That is all.
Teaching at General Assembly. Series-type projects for next twelve weeks. Then, holiday.

As always, thank you all, and I will see you here on next weekend!

Sydney Harbour in B&W. You might have picked it up already, this post colour scheme replicates the style of the GA site.

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