Weather app that talks.

June 7th, 2015Mobile

There are many weather apps out there, and I often felt like seeing something different, taking a different approach.
So, I designed a weather app this week. It's a little different. It's humanised. The app is designed to tell users essential weather information only and make suggestions throughout the day.

If it was going to be rainy, we'd generally interpret the weather info given and plan what we'd need to do, like taking an umbrella perhaps also a jacket if cold. The basic concept of this app is based off this process, the app helps users to skip the 'interpretation' and 'plan' part by telling them what's happening and recommend what to do.

I understand that there's an app like Swackett, which suggest what to wear. But I wanted to go a little further, wanted to make it smarter, humorous and kind. If sunny, suggest to take a walk to get vitamin D recharge, if a storm coming soon, suggest to stay inside beforehand, and so on.

Demo Footage

Also can view generic weather info in an integrated timeline style through the app.

Messages with care





The background replicates general sky colours throughout the day.

For those who like it classic

Able to view current weather condition as well as sunrise or sunset time and weather conditions in upcoming hours.

Viewing the current weather in the common weather app interface, however added a bit of spices with wind direction and feels-like temperature.

Alert on Apple Watch

Very quick mock up for Apple Watch. It's a tad small screen, so kept it simple, and focused on what really matters the most.

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