Version 2. Complete.

May 31st, 2015Web

Project Weekly V2 is now complete and live.

It took approximately a few months to get here. It would’ve been much easier if it were a plain redesign job, but this was, in fact, a complete upgrade from scratch including the server and CMS migration.

Don’t laugh, but Adobe Business Catalyst drove once a Week Project Weekly version 1. I have to say it was too heavy and costly for the site like this. So I had to move out from it. Then I researched for some time and decided to go with SiteGround for hosting, and Statamic for CMS. SiteGround offers fast loading speed to those sites targeting worldwide audiences, and Statamic... It is just beautiful. If you happen to be tired of Wordpress or any other CMS, check Statamic out. It’s database free and all, it’s just so easy to use.

Okay. I will stop bragging. Here are some design and build notes.

Coding on Sublime Text

'Coda' by Panic used to be my main editor, but lately I made my change over to Sublime Text. It was just a perfect companion building this site. It's such a simple app but with countless bold features.

Word flip animation

I wanted to keep it simple on the homepage, but offer an easy access to the latest project and explain what the site is all about.
I craft stuff every week, and their type varies every week. So this is the idea I came up with, flipping keywords to keep the message simple but show many.

Archive. Completely different.

Probably 'Archive' page is the one that ended up completely different comparing to the original concept design (right).
I wasn't completely happy with the original design for the archive page. So scraped that off, started to do some tweaks, did redesign, and this is it.

Almost identical. Project viewing template.

This one was a different case comparing to the archive page. Tried to preserve all the details but also improved or tweaked some bits.
The original concept design is on the right..

Project with a full screen image

This was built as it was proposed and demonstrated a few weeks ago.

Scroll to load one-by-one

Instead of loading all at once, each element loads when new areas visible on screen to draw a little more attention to contents.

That is all!

I will stop here and save your time ;)
I hope you love this update as much as I do. Have yourself an awesome week, and I will see you guys again on next Sunday!

P.S. Thanks, May, for your supports and allowing me to work crazy on this awfully long project.

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