Clan Match Notification - Smartwatch App

April 26th, 2015Smartwatch

Whenever I played games like Battlefield or Killzone multiplay, I thought it would've been awesome if I got properly notified for clan matches even if I was away from my console as I missed matches with other clan members or friends a lot.

So this week, I've designed a smartwatch app based on the need. It's similar to the invite functionality on calendar apps, but this app is purely dedicated to gamers for their clan activities.

It works very simple. When a new clan match opens, players get notified. If they accepts to join the match, the app notifies whom opened the match, then reminds all the players right before the match.

Clan match smartwatch app - Lifestyle shot - By Vane Jung

Clan match smartwatch app - Intro or loading screen - By Vane Jung Clan match smartwatch app - Match info screen - By Vane Jung Clan match smartwatch app - Assigned to the match - By Vane Jung

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