Animation mockups for Version 2

April 19th, 2015Web

Finally recovered from the flu.. I hope you enjoyed my desk setup last week ;) - Yes, it wasn't much at all, but I was sick..

This week, I've done animation mock ups for the version 2 site. Play through them and have yourself a little sneak peeks how the site will behaviour in a sense of motion.

If you were getting a bit bored of seeing only the stuff of the version 2 like I did, it's all over!

From next week, I will be producing proper weekly projects and simultaneously building the site aiming this May or June for launch.

As always, see you all again on next weekend!

Standard project page loading

This is basically how the standard project view page will appear on load.

Scrolling full-screen project page

Scrolling down to hide the description then show the work.
Scrolling further will trigger full scale project navigation buttons.

Main menu rollover and click / Homepage animation

(On the left) Showing what rollover and action on the menu look like.
(On the right) Showing the retyping-animation on the homepage.

Full-width button rollover and click

Rollover and click animation on the full-width buttons.

Mobile Menu

Ensured that each button on the main menu for mobile is large enough to reach and tap.
Users click the black tint area on the left to close the navigation.

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