'Soleh' Android Launcher - Part 4, Prototype

September 20th, 2015MobileDownload Pixate Source

This final week of the series was all about prototyping. Just like the last series 'Huffpost tablet app', I've created a prototype on Pixate. The source file is attached for download also.

So, now I have one last series left to go. I can't believe that eight weeks have already passed..
I'm not too sure what I will be working on for the next series, and I guess I will have to figure that out in a few days.

See you next week!

Screen record version

This is a screen record version.

On-device version

You get to see my beautiful hand on this version like the last prototype demo for the Huffpost tablet app.

P.S. UPDATE. I retook this demo clip as I finally got my mini tripod today!
P.P.S. My Android testing device is unfortunately not in a good shape at the moment, so I had to run this prototype on iPhone.

Incoming notification on lock screen (From last week)

This is a quick animation done last week to show what an incoming notification looks like while the phone is locked.

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