My Desk Setup In Depth

May 10th, 2015Random

In the week 23, I briefly showed a photo of my desk, and mentioned that I would give a 'proper walkthrough' of my desk in a month. So, to keep my promise, this is it. My work desk setup in depth.

P.S. I started building the version 2 this week.

My Desk

So, I’d like to show you officially that this is my work desk setup.

Baby Money Tree & Jars

The money tree that I grow at my terrace has gone a little too big, so I took a few parts to create a mini version of it.
The photo in the jar is (obviously) my wife,
then there are my favourite felt pens and pencils.
The stuff in the jar on right are Prismacolor cool grey markers for sketch.

‘You can’t rewind life.’ Coaster

I randomly found this coaster at a homeware shop.
This coaster actually makes me work harder when I’m at my desk.

Sony Bluetooth Speaker

Not trying to sell their products or anything.. I just bought this speaker because it was just in a right color, and sounded good for its price.

Storm Trooper, Lego figure.

I’m not a huge fan of Star Wars. (In fact, my wife loves Star Wars than me..)
This little fella is at my desk, simply because I heart Lego and Science Fiction movies!

The Books

The first two books by Austin Kleon are my most favourite books I’ve read so far.
‘Learn Something Everyday’ is one of those work that astonished me in several ways, and I just had to have it when the artist released the book.
The journal on the bottom is my creative diary where I note and draw all random ideas.


I actually use an iPhone and Android Phone both.
I regularly swap the platforms to keep myself from having a favourite, and to stay up to date with apps or OS.

So, where is your computer?

This is where it is. I keep it right aside of my desk.
It’s a Macbook Pro Retina 15inch. It’s been about 3 years with her, and she is still blasting. Awesome machine..

Started Building V2

This week, finally started building the site, Project Weekly V2. Please don’t judge my coding style.. ;)

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