Apple Music on Windows 10

December 6th, 2015Desktop

Yep, you guessed it.
Apple does not have a Window-10-optimised app for Apple Music. (Apple offers iTunes for Windows. Although it's not fully optimised for Windows 10.)

So this week, I've designed an Apple Music app for Windows 10.
I wish I had some more time to make animation demos, but this was the furthest I could go within the limited time-set.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, and see you again in a week.

Home. My Music.

It's pretty straight forward here. All your playlists and personal curation happening right on the home screen. But I've added a few of new minor features as well. Siri integrated playlist suggestion, radio station bookmarking and subscription or ability to follow other's playlists.

Play a song. Colour shifts. It's a chameleon

The interface colour refreshes based on the primary colour of the album artwork. You will never get sick of colours.

Music Matchmaking

Yep, it's a tinder for music. The trick is tho that it progressively learns user's music taste by each decision.


It's the browse ('New') screen they already have on Apple Music. It's is just re-skined based on the general UI design style.

Turntable Playback Screen

Users will be taken to this playback screen when you tap the black thingy (it's a LP record rotating) on the left hand side. It's in a complete turntable figure.

It's a Turntable.

The edge of the turntable screen is pitch black, so any black bezel around it makes the turntable screen look seamless.

It all started like this

Since I couldn't get a chance, I thought I could share the quick sketch I did for this weekly project. Yep, it all started like this. Pretty rough, but gives me enough direction for me to take ;)

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